I'm sorry, I already spent a lot of money for Google Maps API in that month. So I disabled billing, and the map looks a little bit strange. But all games are still working properly. Any Patreon donations helps me.

Arrange the pieces of the world!

Here, in the form of a game, you can learn the names and locations of each country or state and have fun doing it. Select a region in its proper place or from a list and look at it flag, coat of arms and perhaps even more information to help you learn geography. You can create your own puzzles from more than 100,000 regions after registration!

This is a non-profit project, but servers and other resources are not free for me. Please, support the project on Patreon.

All suggestions for improvement can be sent to me via email, Vk or facebook, and also add an issue on GitHub.

The project based on open data: OSM Admin Boundaries Map for region polygons and Wikidata for information in infoboxes.